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Jim Carroll Movies and Music Banner

Film Making Career

In 2006, Jim Carroll produced and directed the faith-based horror movie, "Evil Behind You". The movie was released on DVD and is currently available in all major retail outlets. You can find information on this movie at Evil Behind You. Because "Evil Behind You" was a low budget movie and the majority of the cast and crew were college students, it is lacking in many areas. But for the amount of money spent, Jim claims it's a masterpiece.

Screenplay Writing

Jim has written several an award winning screenplay called, Resurrection Time Conspiracy. It has won more awards than any other screenplay in film festivals and contests around the world.

Winner - Kingdomwood Christian Film Festival

Winner - Christian Film Festival

Winner - Las Vegas International Screenwriting Competition

Winner - Canadian Diversity Film Festival – Best Featured Screenplay

Winner - Mindfield Film Festival – Los Angeles

Winner - Chandler International Film Festival

Winner - Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival

Winner - Colorado Film Festival

Winner - IndieFEST – Best Christian Feature

Winner - Los Angeles Movie Awards

Winner - International Independent Film Awards

Runner Up - New York Chautauqua International Film Festival

Runner Up - Top Indie Film Festival

Finalist - Atlantic City Cinefest

Finalist - Imaginarium Convention Festival

Finalist - Peachtree Village International Film Festival

Finalist - MartialCon Film Festival

Finalist - Grove Film Festival

Finalist - TMC London Film Festival

Semi-Finalist - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

Semi-Finalist - Austin Revolution Film Festival

Semi-Finalist - Southern California Screenplay Festival

Semi-Finalist - Moondance International Film Festival

Semi-Finalist - the Los Angeles CineFest

Music Soundtracks

In 2010, Jim Carroll and Chris George began their musical collaboration when Jim approached Chris about doing the scores for his upcoming movie project, Flash Lee and Black Easter.

Since then they both began contributing ideas and melodies to the project which eventually shaped itself into a large set of songs - big, epic themes in many different movie genres.

They decided to collect these songs into several albums and have continued doing this unique arrangement today. Their albums and songs can be found through many digital music retailers including iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody, and Napster, to name a few.