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Literary Career

Jim Carroll has had three published books. "Cover of Darkness", which is an faith-based, end-time thriller, was published by Huntington House and became their best-selling novel in 1990. In 1992, Huntington House published Jim's novel, "Angel Vision." "Angel Vision" is about a group of people trapped in the spiritual realm.

Jim's third book, "Hollywood Dating Blunders", was published by Skyward Publishing in 2001. It is a "How to have a healthy approach to dating" book from a faith-based perspective. Jim used his experience teaching Sunday school in a singles department over a five year span to come up with the principles in the book.

Other Career

Jim has tinkered with other businesses throughout his life time. Some of the notables are Cool Cola. Jim created a vitamin infused soft drink that had fewer calories than Pepsi and Coke, while beating both products in a taste test. Unfortunately, the product was bought off the cola shelves by the competitors and landed in the health food section.

Jim also created the first over the counter teeth whitener. Miracle Smile took the ingredients that dentists used to whiten teeth, and became the leader in home teeth whitening kits. However, the FDA ruled that it was an over the counter drug and forced the destruction of over a million dollars worth of product or criminal prosecution. Two weeks after all the product was destroyed, the FDA sent a letter and said Jim could continue selling the product, but that the FDA could change their mind at any time. Jim felt like he was strong armed by the government and dentists lobbyists. He sued the government for damages and lost.