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James (Jim) W. Carroll; born 1954, is an American entrepreneur, seminar director, businessman, screenwriter, composer, author, poker player and film director.

Jim Carroll Bio: Early Life

Jim Carroll was born in Dallas, the only son of James M. Carroll, an engineer, and Nola, “Jean” Carroll, a school teacher. He has two sisters. The older is Peggy Miller and the younger is Lisa Deford.

Jim was an exceptional athlete until he broke his leg in the six grade. While stepping out of one car, another car backed into the door and crushed his leg. Jim claims that he never recovered his speed and he lost his fearless instinct. From that point on Jim was a very determined wannabe athlete. He was never able to win a starting position on the Garland High School football or basketball team, but he probably put forth more effort than anyone on the team.

His most enjoyable year in high school sports was when he was demoted to the B-Team. He became the team Captain and was the starting Quarterback for the season. He only weighed 140 pounds soaking wet, so it was the perfect fit for him. Unfortunately, his self-esteem was ingrained in his athletic ability and it became unhealthy for him. He quit the team his senior year and isolated himself from everyone except his high school girlfriend.

In typical isolation mode, Jim found himself driving around on December 31st, 1973 (New Year’s Eve) with nowhere to go. He was pulled over for speeding in the parking lot of Old Orchard Baptist Church. After the police officer left, Jim walked into the all night prayer chapel. None of this now seems coincidental, but at the time, this random set of circumstances left Jim with a transformed life. Jim had an encounter with God while spending the night in that chapel. In the middle of the night, he accepted Christ as his personal savior and friend.

Jim was still a loner but things changed rapidly when he met the trio of Biff Liebbe, John Otstott and Carol Seales in college. John had a way of opening Jim’s heart, Biff forced Jim out of his comfort zone, and Carol provided spiritual insight about God. It was during this time that Jim learned what it meant to love God and not just know about him. It was truly life changing. Jim’s personality grew and changed and he was off to the races.

While at Richland Jr. College, Jim’s athletic ability began to return. He set two weight lifting records. Jim had never wrestled, but he tried out and won the starting spot of the renowned Wrestling Team the Richland Thunder Ducks.

With the encouragement of his friend, Biff, Jim began dancing during the Great Disco Era. Jim and his dance partners were so good that they won two trips to Vegas, one trip to Fort Lauderdale and every major contest in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. In 1976, Jim entered a dance marathon at UTA. Jim was able to raise more money for charity than all the fraternities and sororities combined. In addition, Jim and his partner, walked away winning every contest during the three grueling days.

Marriage Boot Camp

In 2012 – 2013, Thinkfactory and WeTV brought the toughest challenge yet to Jim and his team. The idea was to stick five of the toughest Bridezillas and their spouses, with marriages on the rocks, in a reality house while Jim, Elizabeth and their team attempted to save the marriages. The show was a big hit for WeTV. Jim and Elizabeth Carroll have been featured on Fox News, Fox and Friends, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Huffington Live, Arthur Kade, Glamour and more.

Poker Champion

Jim got his start playing poker in sleazy, smokey, backroom games while in high school. Jim was the high school chess champ and enjoyed playing ten challengers at the same time. Poker was a natural fit for his skills. The games he enjoyed the most were 7 Card Stud and 3 Card Guts. “The guys running the game were always cheating. They would constantly switch the decks. It actually made me a better player, because I had to keep an eye on everything going on around me.”

Champion National Security

Champion National Security is focused on the total security guard industry. That means we bring an experience based custom solution to each project and post. Our clients tap into over 40 years of proven security solutions.
We recognize the massive diversity of security requirements based on the unique conditions, characteristics and facilities presented by each post and position.

Private Investigator

Jim landed a job as a private investigator under the famous William C. Dear,, a Texas based private investigator. William C. Dear’s notable cases include the original steam tunnel incident involving James Dallas Egbert III, the murder of millionaire businessman Dean Milo in 1980, the exhumation of Lee Harvey Oswald in 1981 and the Glen Courson murder case in 1986. Jim absolutely loved his job, but working 80 hours a week was not beneficial to his marriage, so he quit.

Bounty Hunter

In 1978, Jim became a professional bounty hunter. Jim was a one man team and used his investigative background to bring in up to 20 bail jumpers per week. The money was exciting and very profitable, but the job took its toll. Jim hated locking people back up. In addition the job was dangerous and because of Texas law, Jim could not carry a gun. Jim quit his job after chasing a felon through a house full of illegal firearms.

Ralston Purina

In 1979, Jim prayerfully decided to change career paths. With a criminal record, Jim would not be able to sign on with any reputable law enforcement agency. Jim decided that he wanted to be a sales representative for Ralston Purina. He walked into their office, gave his resume to the receptionist and announced, “I’m here for the job.” She responded, “I don’t see your name on the list.” Jim responded, “Double check. I’m definitely the one for the job.” The stunned receptionist grabbed the regional manager and Jim eventually won them over with determination and charisma. In his first year of employment, Jim was offered three promotions and became one of the top 4 sales reps that year, winning a trip to the Super Bowl and Disneyland.

Literary Career

Jim Carroll has had four published books. “Cover of Darkness”, which is an end-time thriller, was published by Huntington House and became their best-selling novel in 1990. In 1992, Huntington House published Jim’s novel, “Angel Vision.” “Angel Vision” is about a group of people trapped in the spiritual realm.

Jim’s third book, “Hollywood Dating Blunders”, was published by Skyward Publishing in 2001. It is a “How to have a healthy approach to dating” book. Jim’s fourth book written mostly by his wife, Elizabeth Carroll, “Marriage Boot Camp takes on the top 10 Marriage Killers;, was published by Penguin Publishing in 2015. It is a “How to have a healthy approach marriage” book. Jim used his experience teaching Sunday school in a singles department over a five year span to come up with the principles in the book.

Film Making Career

In 2006, Jim Carroll produced and directed the movie, “Evil Behind You.” The movie was released on DVD and is currently available in all major retail outlets. You can find information on this movie at Evil Behind You. Because “Evil Behind You” was a low budget movie and the majority of the cast and crew were college students, it is lacking in many areas. But for the amount of money spent, Jim claims it’s a masterpiece.

In 2021, Jim produced wrote and directed the movie, “Resurrection Time Conspiracy.”

Music Soundtracks

In 2010, Jim Carroll and Chris George began their musical collaboration when Jim approached Chris about doing the score for an upcoming movie project. Since then they both began contributing ideas and melodies to the project which eventually shaped itself into a large set of songs – big, epic themes in many different movie genres. They decided to collect these songs into several albums and have continued doing this unique arrangement today. Their albums and songs can be found through many digital music retailers including iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody, and Napster, to name a few.

Seminars and TV

In 1986, Jim attended YOU, (later changed to Pathways) a seminar conducted by Dr. Phil and Thelma Box. The seminar was a life changing experience. Jim had been unhappy in his marriage for a long time. Anger and bitterness had become a way of life. Jim resented his wife and hated being married. Dr. Phil broke through the anger and Jim was able to open up to others again. Jim went back and trained under Dr. Phil.

In 1994, with Dr. Phil’s encouragement, Jim created and The Road Adventure seminar using the best of everything he had learned from Dr. Phil and Thelma Box. The early seminars were having amazing results.

In 2002, Jim created The Marriage Boot Camp. Jim was determined to do everything in his power to learn what it would take to have a successful marriage. The Boot Camp was designed to use games, drills and exercises that enhanced the relationship between spouses.

In 2006, the Marriage Boot Camp’s success drew the interest of TV Networks. TLC was the first to shoot a series called Marriage Camp. Although it was the highest rated pilot in TLC history, they decided to abandon the program because it was considered too intense for their network.

In 2011, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed were experiencing relationship issues and the wedding they had planned was in jeopardy. Thinkfactory Media called The Marriage Boot Camp to the rescue. Jim and his David Bishop were able to patch the relationship back together and Gene and Shannon went on to a happy, successful marriage.

In 2012, Jim became a Dr. Drew Life Changer when his team was called to save the marriages of four of the most challenging couples. Again the team was successful and all the marriages made dramatic changes for the better.

In 2012 – 2013, Thinkfactory and WeTV brought the toughest challenge yet to Jim and his team. The idea was to stick five of the toughest Bridezillas and their spouses, with marriages on the rocks, in a reality house while Jim and his team attempted to save the marriages. The show was a big hit for WeTV.

In 2013, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll appeared on Fox News, Kathy Lee Show, CNN, Fox and Friends, Head Line News, ABC, CBS, NBC, Huffington Live, Arthur Kade, Glamour Magazine and many more while promoting the Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas series.

In 2013, WeTV renewed the contract for Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas for a Season 2.

In 2014 – 2016, Jim and Elizabeth hosted, counseled and produced the TV series, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Despite airing on Friday night, it was one of WETV’s top shows. The series was a success for 7 seasons.

In 2016, Jim made an appearance on the TV series, Poker in America. Jim likes to portray himself as a Donkey so he mess with people’s mind. He admits he is not as good as the pros, but he has a knack for manipulating others make the wrong decisions

Personal Life

Jim has been married three times. At age 23, in 1977, he married Dawn Terry from Dallas, TX. The couple has two sons, Jason Carroll, (1980) and Jonathan Carroll (1986). The couple divorced after 23 years of marriage.  

In 2009, Jim met the love of his life on an online dating site. Elizabeth Davids was the perfect match for Jim. They married on June 21st, 2009 and are happily married today. Jim and Elizabeth work as a team in the Marriage Boot Camp to change lives.

Jim stopped going to church for short period of time as he had many battles with crooked preachers. In 2009, he once again found a great church home at Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX. He and Elizabeth enjoy working as door greeters.



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I have responsibly led a team of 12 designers to help, supervise and approve their designs to make sure it matches client expectations and latest design standards.


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