Justifying Playing Poker – By Advertising God

There were so many cool times that God used me to share about him at the poker table that I thought, it
must be a ministry thing. I had seen several people’s live change. I was pumped. In my normal life and
ministry, everyone’s a Christian. Playing poker gives me the chance to mingle with some of the more
interesting characters in the world.

I decide to take matters into my own hands. I had some really cool, Never Tapped Out, T-shirts made
up. Everyone wanted them. It was a picture of Christ carrying his cross up the hill to be crucified. It was
great for starting conversations and it opened a lot of doors.

Unfortunately, God needed to give me another poker lesson. This time it was about using God’s name
in vain. I had started playing more and more poker. I justified it because I said to myself, “Hey, this
God’s ministry through me.” I even wore around a cross for a short time.

My thinking became polluted with the idea that God was going to let me win because I was promoting
His name. Can you say cold s streak again? I couldn’t win for anything. I was a rotten testimony at the
tables because I kept tanking. I was angry that I was losing while trying to reach others.

Then it hit me. God didn’t want me promoting. He didn’t ask me to do that. He asked me to just do
what he wanted, say wanted he wanted, with nothing more and nothing less.

God is not going to let you or me win because we are promoting him. He isn’t going to let us win
because we are better than the next person sitting beside us.

Lesson: Don’t use God as an excuse to play poker.

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