Marriage Boot Camp History

Marriage Boot Camp Creation

The Marriage Boot Camp is now an intense 4 day marriage seminar designed to solve serious relationship problems by utilizing non-threatening games, drills and exercises to get couples into the very core of the issues that plague their lives. 

Marriage counselors trust the Marriage Boot Camp to provide marriage help in breaking through seemingly impossible marriage problems. Marriages are being devastated by the tragedy of divorce. The Marriage Boot Camp helps couples make sound marriage decisions, whether to stay and heal or make peace with the outcome.


During the Boot Camp participants are required to put in a lot of hard work. The old adage, “no pain, no gain” is our working motto. In addition to the hard work, they also have a ton of fun! The Boot Camp is better than any vacation they could give themselves.

The Boot Camp is for anyone looking for a better life. It will help them find freedom from past hurts. If someone is seeking more self-esteem, love, intimacy, worth, confidence or value, then the Boot Camp is the place to be.

The Boot Camp is great for correcting bad habits, anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety, depression and self-doubt. Whether married, divorced, considering divorce, considering marriage or hurt in a any relationship, the Boot Camp is the place to be.

Dr. Phil Couples

Dr. Phil refers couples in trouble to the Marriage Boot Camp. Dr. Phil has shown his trust in the program be sending some of the toughest and dysfunctional couples through the Boot Camp.

Gene Simmon's Family Jewels

Featured by Gene Simmon's Family Jewels as the best marriage bootcamp for couples.

The Marriage Boot Camp is For You

Change in just one partner revolutionizes the entire relationship, but both will grow. We help you to redesign your relational system into a highly functional, joyful team experience. That is why the Boot Camp is so successful at mending marriages.

Even if you have already filed for divorce, the Boot Camp will give you the tools you need to work through your current and future issues peacefully.

Creator and director, Jim Carroll crafted a highly unique program in the Marriage Boot Camp. Unlike other seminars, Jim believes that using practical life-changing application is more valuable than having head knowledge. What good is knowing how to be happy, if you don’t actually make it happen?

The Boot Camp is not a wilderness camp, or a ropes course. Jim Carroll designed the Boot Camp to use mental games, drills, competitions, skits, and experiential events that will raise your life and relationships to a new level. Instead of just knowing how to change, you will take action to improve your life. Instead of thinking about change, you will make it happen. This is not the type of seminar where you can just sit back and watch. YOU WILL GROW!

Dr. Drew Life Changers

In 1986, Jim attended YOU, (later changed to Pathways) a seminar conducted by Dr. Phil and Thelma Box. The seminar was a life changing experience. Jim had been anger and bitterness in his marriage for a long time and it had become a way of life. Dr. Phil broke through the anger and freed Jim to be able to open up to others again. Jim returned to train under Dr. Phil.

In 1994, with Dr. Phil’s encouragement, and prompting of the Spirit, Jim created and The Road Adventure seminar using the best of everything he had learned from Dr. Phil and Thelma Box.

Despite the slow beginning, The Road Adventure was able to grow and expand to Arlington, Houston, Tyler, and more. The Road Adventure was a great success and was changing lives almost every week end. However, Jim’s emptiness at home eventually led to an affair. Jim resigned his position, divorced and started over.

In 2002, Jim created The Marriage Boot Camp. After his divorce, Jim was determined to do everything in his power to learn what it would take to have a successful marriage. The Boot Camp was designed to use games, drills and exercises that enhanced the relationship between spouses.

In 2012, Jim became a Dr. Drew Life Changer when his team was called to save the marriages of four of Dr. Drew’s most challenging couples. Again the team was successful and all the marriages made dramatic changes for the better.

Marriage Boot Camp TV

In 2006, the Marriage Boot Camp’s success drew the interest of TV Networks. TLC was the first to shoot a series called Marriage Camp. Although it was the highest rated pilot in TLC history, they decided to abandon the program because it was considered too intense for their network.

In 2011, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed were experiencing relationship issues and the wedding they had planned was in jeopardy. Thinkfactory called The Marriage Boot Camp to the rescue. Jim and his team were able to patch the relationship back together and Gene and Shannon went on to a happy, successful marriage.