Media and Literary

Film Making Career

Assassin 33 A.D.

Ram Goldstein and the greatest minds across the world are employed to create a matter transfer machine. But the Institute is really a covert organization funded by Extremists. Ram accidentally stumbles upon the secret agenda, but the same day, he succeeds in transferring matter and accidentally creates the world’s first time machine. Ram refuses to share the code so the extremists kill Ram’s parents and threatens to torture his friends.

Ram gives in and agrees to build the time machine. As soon as it is finished, Extremists sends a group of assassins on the ultimate Jihad by killing Jesus and his disciples before his resurrection.   

Ram along with his genius team; commandeer the time machine and race back in time in an attempt to changed time back before it re-writes itself. They fail to change the assassination of Jesus and must return to the future were they are killed, but not before they warn their original selves in the previous timeline.

Now the original Ram and his team must transfer to back 33 A.D., to kill the assassins, save Jesus and restore the timeline. All hell breaks loose as Ram and his group battle the extremists to save Jesus. Both groups become part of the new time line as they interact with Biblical characters and get caught up history.

Assassin 33 A.D. is scheduled to open January 24th, 2020 at theaters across the United States.

Screenplay Writing

Jim has received over 100 awards in screenplay competitions across the world.. It has won more awards than any other screenplay in film festivals and contests around the world.  Here are just a few:

Award Winner – Kingdomwood Christian Film FestivalAtlana, GA, USA
Award Winner – International Independent Film AwardsEncino, CA, USA
Award Winner – Calcutta International Cult Film FestivalCalcutta, Kolkata, West Begal, India
Award Winner – Oregon Film AwardsOregon, USA
Award Winner – Go Independent DC Film AwardsAlexandria, VA
Award Winner – Summer Slam Film FestivalFreeport, TX, USA
Award Winner – Film Playoff AwardsUSA
Award Winner – North America Film AwardNorth America, USA
Award Winner – Mindfield Film Festival – Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA, USA
Award Winner – Mexico international Film FestivalMexico
Award Winner – Orlando Urban Film FestivalOrlando, FL, USA
Award Winner – Los Angeles Film AwardsLos Angeles, CA, USA
Award Winner – Silver Screen FilmFestUnknown
Award Winner – European Cinematography Film FestivalWarsaw, Europe
Award Winner – Worldfest Houston International Independent Film FestivalHouston, TX, USA
Award Winner – Influx Magazine Film AwardsHuntington Beach, CA
Award Winner – Mindfield Film Festival – AlbuquerqueAlbuquerque, NM, USA
Award Winner – Honolulu Film AwardsHonolulu, HA, USA
Award Winner – AAB International Film FestivalMog, Punjab, India
Award Winner – Virgin Spring CinefestKolkata, West Bengal, India
Award Winner – Barcelona Film FestivalBarcelona, Spain
Award Winner – Copenhagen Film Festival – Best WriterKobenhavn, K Copenhagen, Denmark, Sweden
Award Winner – Hollywood Now Film FestivalBurbank, CA
Award Winner – London Independent Film AwardsLondon, England
Award Winner – Indie Gathering – Runner UpCleveland, OH
Award Winner – iHolly Next Generation Film Festival – KudosCA, USA
Award Winner – Go Independent Film Festival LAVA, USA
Award Winner – Phoenix Festival Melbourne – Best ScriptMelbourne, Austria
Award Winner – European Independent Film AwardEurope
Award Winner – Las Vegas International Screenwriting CompetitionLas Vegas, NV, USA
Award Winner – Canadian Diversity Film FestivalToronto, Ontario, Canada
Award Winner – Headline International Film FestivalCanada
Award Winner – California Film Awards – Gold AwardSan Diego, CA, USA
Award Winner – Christian Film FestivalNewport News, VA, USA
Award Winner – Toronto International Nollywood Film FestivalToronto, Ontario, Canada
Award Winner – Mountain Film FestivalCA, USA
Award Winner – Yosemite Film FestivalYosemite, CA, USA
Award Winner – West Texas Film FestivalMidland, TX USA
Award Winner – New York Los Angeles International Film FestivalNY, USA
Award Winner – IndieFEST Film FestivalLa Jolla, CA, USA
Award Winner – Chandler International Film FestivalChandler, AZ, USA
Award Winner – Best Film AwardsCluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania
Award Winner – Atlantic City CinefestMargate, NJ, USA
Award Winner – Colortape International Film FestivalBrisbane, QLD, Austria
Award Winner – Hollywood Boulevard Film FestivalHollywood, CA, USA
Award Winner – Warsaw Independent Film FestivalWarsaw, Poland
Award Winner – Fall Feature Script CompetitionRoseville, CA, USA
Award Winner – The Film Awards – Best ScreenplayUSA
Award Winner – Los Angeles Film and Script FestivalLos Angeles, CA, USA
Award Winner – Colorado Film International FestivalWheat Ridge, CO, USA
Award Winner – Los Angeles Independent Film FestivalLos Angeles, CA, USA
Award Winner – Nevada Film FestivalLas Vegas, NV, USA
Award Winner – New York Chautauqua International Film FestivalNew York, USA
Award Winner – London Film AwardsLondon, England
Award Winner – Filmstrip International Film FestivalRomania
Award Winner – Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film FestivalLos Angeles, CA, USA
Award Winner – Los Angeles Reel Film FestivalLos Angeles, CA, USA
Award Winner – Edinburgh Screenwriting Contest – Grand Winner ScottlandEdinburgh, Scottland
Award Winner – Shutter Speed Film FestivalArlington, TX
Award Winner – Headline International Film FestivalCanada
Award Winner – IIPMFUnknown
Award Winner – Beverly Hills Screenplay ContestBevely Hill, CA, USA
Award Winner – American Movie AwardUSA
Award Winner – Reel AuthorsUSA
Award   Winner – Los Angeles Screenplay ContestLA, CA, USA
Award Winner – Alaska International Film AwardsAlaska, USA
Award Winner – Las Vegas Screenplay ContestLas Vegas, NV, USA
Award Winner – World Series of ScreenwritingUSA

Evil Behind You

In 2006, Jim Carroll produced and directed the faith-based horror movie, “Evil Behind You”. The movie was released on DVD and is currently available in all major retail outlets. You can find information on this movie at Evil Behind You. Because “Evil Behind You” was a low budget movie and the majority of the cast and crew were college students, it is lacking in many areas. But for the amount of money spent, Jim claims it’s a masterpiece.

Literary Career

Published Books

Jim Carroll has had three published books. “Cover of Darkness”, which is an faith-based, end-time thriller, was published by Huntington House and became their best-selling novel in 1990. In 1992, Huntington House published Jim’s novel, “Angel Vision.” “Angel Vision” is about a group of people trapped in the spiritual realm.

Jim’s third book, “Hollywood Dating Blunders”, was published by Skyward Publishing in 2001. It is a “How to have a healthy approach to dating” book from a faith-based perspective. Jim used his experience teaching Sunday school in a singles department over a five year span to come up with the principles in the book.

Music Soundtracks

In 2010, Jim Carroll and Chris George began their musical collaboration when Jim approached Chris about doing the scores for his upcoming movie project, Flash Lee and Black Easter.

Since then they both began contributing ideas and melodies to the project which eventually shaped itself into a large set of songs – big, epic themes in many different movie genres.

They decided to collect these songs into several albums and have continued doing this unique arrangement today. Their albums and songs can be found through many digital music retailers including iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody, and Napster, to name a few.

Other Ventures

Jim has tinkered with other businesses throughout his life time. Some of the notables are Cool Cola. Jim created a vitamin infused soft drink that had fewer calories than Pepsi and Coke, while beating both products in a taste test. Unfortunately, the product was bought off the cola shelves by the competitors and landed in the health food section.

Jim also created the first over the counter teeth whitener. Miracle Smile took the ingredients that dentists used to whiten teeth, and became the leader in home teeth whitening kits. However, the FDA ruled that it was an over the counter drug and forced the destruction of over a million dollars worth of product or criminal prosecution. Two weeks after all the product was destroyed, the FDA sent a letter and said Jim could continue selling the product, but that the FDA could change their mind at any time. Jim felt like he was strong armed by the government and dentists lobbyists. He sued the government for damages and lost.